Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rand Paul Winning in Kentucky; Prop 19 Victory Will Be Any Victory

This is very good news for all conservatives. Rand is not a libertarian, but he still upholds to protect and preserve the constitution.

I have also gave some thought about the perception of conservatives and liberals in California and the nation. If Prop 19 passes with Boxer being replaced by Carly Fiorina and Whitman winning the governor's race, it will show the conservatives being more passionate and knowledgeable about the issues we are facing today. The perception of support for legalizing weed was just that of hippies moping around, may even become an old one. If Prop 19 passes with Boxer keeping her senate seat and Brown winning the governors race, then it will become the norm of a democrat victory. If 19 passes with Boxer and Whitman winning the vote (which is most likely in my opinion) then it will most likely be seen as a partisan issue that both sides wanted to reform.

It will be a loss for democrats if Prop 19 loses with whoever winning the seat and it will be a win by conservatives if Prop 19 passes with Whitman and Fiornia winning, in short. That is my view on all of this.